Operation Classroom

Operation Classroom

Operation Classroom is a United Methodist mission assisting in Christian-based education and health care in Liberia and Sierra Leone, in partnership with those countries’ United Methodist annual conferences.

St. Matthew’s in Bowie, Maryland is dedicated to provide support for the 1300 students at St. Matthew’s United Methodist School in Logan Town, Liberia (grades K through 12)?an Operation Classroom project. The school?s location, Logan Town, is one of the poorest areas in Monrovia, Liberia.  Liberia is the third poorest country in the world. The school is newly expanded to the senior high-school level. These poor students actually used what lunch money they had to build the 10th and 11th grade classrooms! How can we help?

  • Scholarships: Operation Classroom needs sponsors to support students at St. Matthew?s United Methodist School in Logan Town. A contribution in any amount is welcomed and appreciated. However, for $85, you can provide a work/study grant scholarship for one student and you will receive a picture and bio of the student. Please make checks out to St. Matthew?s United Methodist Church and designate ?Operation Classroom ? Scholarship? in the memo line.
  • Youth Education Supplies (YES) Kits: Operation Classroom needs school supplies for students at St. Matthew?s United Methodist School in Logan Town.
  • Personal Involvement: If you would like to become more personally involved (e.g., assembling YES kits, exploring the possibility of a Hands-On Mission trip to Liberia, etc.) please contact us at missions@stmatthews-bowie.org.
  • Building Fund: You can make donations to help maintain the school and build a medical clinic for the town.

Donate Now on-line to Operation Classroom
Click the “Donate” button to donate to Operation Classroom

Mail in checks to 14900 Annapolis Road, Bowie MD, 20715 and make checks payable to St. Matthew?s United Methodist Church with ?Operation Classroom Fund Code #205? in the memo line or place them in the church offering plate.

Remember, even the smallest amount of support yields abundance for the children of Logan Town, Liberia. Your generosity is most appreciated.

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