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ummbasic 200-136Who will call religiosity fully to life in our men,

invigorate it, and nurture it?

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“We believe that healthy growing congregations have a balance of masculine and feminine spirit, reflecting our triune God. We envision female and male believers, lay and clergy, serving Christ as co-laborers and partners in Christ. This is a unity issue, not a gender issue. We must become ONE in Christ.”

Women and men must stand side-by-side as co-laborers in Christ. The difficult challenges facing ministry to men must be enjoined by men and women in genuine partnership. We need each other, more than ever.”

~ from UMC Men’s Ministries Guidelines

 “The alienation of many men from the femininity of Christian spirituality has created grounds for an enormous misunderstanding about men and religion that every pastoral care-giver must recognize and confront.  The absence of so many men from so many churches, their lack of involvement, their diffidence and even hostility to Christian piety, has created a mostly unconscious assumption in our culture that men are not naturally religious. It is widely assumed that prayer and spirituality are basically female enterprises, and that all but a few unusual men can relate to religion in only a peripheral way.

“A trip outside the bounds of American Christian culture, a journey into the temples, monasteries, and shrines of the world’s religions, would quickly shatter such a misandrist illusion”

“Our religion-alienated American men represent neither a wave of the future nor a rational advance over centuries of superstition. They are an anomaly, a quirk, an oddity in the community of all the men who ever lived, who ever wondered at the Unspeakable Mystery, sought alignment with the Eternal Tao, burned with affection for the Great Holy, or trembled before the Totally Other. And all of this ancient affinity for God – every bit of it – still lies buried deep in their unconscious, waiting to be called forth into a spiritual life that will make them a little less mad and a little more human. It waits there, this penchant for the Holy, drowned out by Muzak and numbed by the dreariness of shopping malls, paralyzed by stress and enervated by neglect, until something wakes it. Who will call religiosity fully to life in men, invigorate it, and nurture it in the face of the death-dealing boredom of modern secularity? That is the task of the church in its care of souls.”

~ from “The Crisis of Men and the Church” in Masculine Spirituality and the Bible, by Patrick M. Arnold

Dear Brothers in Christ:

Here is the latest news and activities for men of St. Matthew’s United Methodist Church.


Rev. Ginger Gaines-Cirelli, pastor of Foundry United Methodist Church in Washington, DC, recently posted on her Facebook page a quote by the noted Catholic theologian, poet, author, and social activist, Thomas Merton.  She noted that this quote was brought to her mind while considering the Gospel of Mark 9:38-50.


“Do not be too quick to condemn

the man who no longer believes in God:

for it is perhaps your own coldness

and avarice,

and mediocrity,

and materialism,

and selfishness,\

that have chilled his faith.”

Thomas Merton


  1. You are invited to join in a small group.  The reason we are Methodists and not Anglicans is because John Wesley, an Anglican minister, devised a means for people to get together in small groups for devotion and study.  His “method” resulted in the United States in the establishment of the Methodist Church.  That is one of our Methodist roots and we are inviting everyone to help us decide which small groups are important for today’s Methodists.  As the attached survey states, “Small Groups of all types invite people into personal and communal relationships with each other and Jesus Christ and help people live as Christians making a difference.  Fellowship, sharing joys and concerns, praying and caring for others is part of small groups in addition to their original purpose.”


  1. GAME PLAN FOR LIFE by Joe Gibbs.  Join us as we explore issues Coach Joe Gibbs and his team have identified as important to men.  Last week we looked at how the Bible is our great Playbook for living our lives.  Joe told us that Bible is more than a book, it is a specific message to us from God.  We also got an additional tour of the Joe Gibbs Racing Facility with promises of more extensive tours in future weeks.  So join us Wednesday night at 7:30 p.m. in room 224 when we find out what it’s going to take to get on God’s team.


  1. You can connect directly to God each week through our Prayer Call.  On Mondays through Saturdays, you may dial in for a Prayer Call from 6:30 – 6:45 a.m. Each week a different member of our congregation will lead Prayer Call.  To participate, dial 712-775-7031 and enter access code 111-576-279.  Join us.




  1. ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE:  The youth of St. Matthew’s United Methodist Church have challenged Pastor Daniel to see who can raise the most money for the upcoming CROP Hunger walk which is to take place on Sunday, October 4, 2015.  The loser gets an ice water bath, either Pastor Daniel, or some of our youth.  The youth have taken the lead in the fundraising count you.   They invite you to join as we help our hungry neighbors help themselves to a better life by walking in the Bowie CROP walk.  If you can’t walk, consider being a sponsor of one or more of the walkers.  Twenty-five percent of your sponsorship will go to the Bowie Food Pantry and the rest will help others in over 30 countries.  Plan to be Christ’s hands and feet on October 4.   For more information and to sign up to walk, see Rick Miller in the Narthex following each worship service.


  1. Jerry Sumo, the Principal of St. Matthew’s United Methodist School in Logan Town, Liberia will be visiting with our church on Sunday, October 4.  He will speak at both services with a reception for him later in the day at 6:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall.  He would like to thank us for all the assistance and support we provided during the Ebola crisis.  St. Matthew’s is the school two of our Volunteers In Missions team have worked and now a third team is being organized.


  1. Speaking of which, you are invited to join our next VIM team to Logan Town.  The team will be departing on Saturday, January 16, 2016 and will not only be working at the school and clinic but will also visit the United Methodist Women’s Education Center in Monrovia.  To join the team contact Pete Saderholm at 443-994-3295 or pdsgm@gmail.com.



  1. The Baltimore-Washington Conference (BWC) United Methodist Men Annual Meeting will be held on October 10th at the Conference Mission Center, 11711 East Market Place, Fulton, MD 20759.  Come out and see first-hand the important role small group studies play in Men’s ministry and outreach to the millennium generation.  Seating is limited so contact our District UMM President Cary Montgomery at (h) 301 627-0028, (c) 240 381-5914, or cman77all@verizon.net for tickets.  Copies of the program are in one of the kiosks in the Narthex.


  1. Tickets are on sale for the Theatre Troops latest production, Snoopy!!!  Shows will be in the Fellowship Hall on October 9, 11, 16, 17, and 18.  Tickets are $8.00 in advance and $10.00 at the door.  Get your tickets following each worship service outside the Fellowship Hall.


  1. Despite the weather and/or the season, the Men’s Wednesday Morning Breakfast is always in session and open to all.  If you ever have a Wednesday morning off please join us at Rip’s at 9:00 a.m. for breakfast and good fellowship.



MondaySaturday 6:30 a.m. Prayer Call via telephone

Monday        9:15 a.m. Gospel of John – Room 222

7:00 p.m. Charge Conference – Glenn Dale UMC

7:00 p.m. Gloria Ringers – Room 124

Tuesday        9:45 a.m. Bible Study – Room 126

11:00 a.m. Angel Gang – Room 126

7:00 p.m. Endowment Committee – Room 102

Wednesday    9:00 a.m. Men’s Breakfast Group – Rip’s

7:00 p.m. Simple Prayer Worship Service – Sanctuary

7:30 p.m. Game Plan for Life – Room 224

Thursday      9:15 a.m. Jesus In the Gospels – Room 223

7:00 p.m. Chancel Choir- Room 124

8:30 p.m. SpiritMove – Room 124

Saturday       10:00 a.m. Conversational Spanish – Room 126

Sunday         8:30 a.m. Worship Service – Sanctuary

11:00 a.m. Worship Service – Sanctuary

1:00 p.m. CROP Hunger Walk – Fellowship Hall

6:00 p.m. Reception Jerry Sumo – Fellowship Hall




10/10/2015 10:00 a.m. Annual BWC UMM Meeting – Conference Mission Center.

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United Methodist Men

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